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Re: [PLUG] Good, inexpensive co-location

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William H. Magill wrote:
> Locations like 401 know that they are aggregations and therefore
> can spend the money needed to provide REAL UPS support. The
> "battery backups" which people send money to APC for are good for
> one thing only -- they allow you to shutdown when the power fails.
> They do not allow you to keep running if your primary power feed
> fails for more than 10 or 15 minutes.  But generator driven UPS
> units cost big bucks to install and maintain, normally as much as,
> if not more than, the Main Frames they support. And facilities
> smaller than main-frame operations simply cannot afford them. 401
> might have come into existence "location-wise" surreptitiously, but
> not without much planning and thought.

401 N. Broad also has the benefit of having it's own power substation.
It's not shared with any of the surrounding community. Much cleaner
power without motors drawing a load.

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