Kevin Brosius on Tue, 23 Sep 2003 09:36:05 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Where to buy hobbyist electronics parts?

kaze wrote:
> I want to build a mixing board. Three inputs and three outputs with a 1/8"
> plug and logarithmic stereo slider for each. One input from my desktop, one
> from my laptop, and one aux; one output to my speakers, one to headphones,
> and one aux. A visit to a Radio Shack store was unproductive, nothing
> interesting on the walls, no catalogue for me to take home, and I didn't
> even bother to ask the staff anything. I did not find the radio shack web
> site helpful either insofar as seachability.
> Any suggestions on where to shop (on-line) for the pots, enclosure, zener
> diodes?

As others have mentioned, Digi-Key and Mouser are the big two.  Radio
Shack is still the place to get quick stuff if they have it.  They have
a catalog, and you usually have to ask the clerks for one.  Last time I
picked one up they charge a few dollars for it, with a coupon for the
same amount back with a purchase.  They also provide a parts order
service, with a second catalog in store which they can order almost
anything from.  Last I checked, the shipping times were a little long,
I'd go with Mouser or Digi-Key first.

You may be able to find parts locally though.  Look for Electronic Parts
in the yellow pages.  Also Radio Supply and Ham Radio stores sometimes
carry components.  There used to be a couple NTE and other electronic
component replacement parts stores in the area.  I haven't looked for
one in a while though.  They cater to electronic repair houses, and tend
to be able to sell you one part of almost any kind to replace something
that is damaged.  You can pay $5-10 for a simple logic gate, which you
get packaged in a cute folding cardboard box.  Not something to do
unless you are desperate or need only one of something...

> Any EE types able to tell me if I need zeners to keep the flow one way, if
> that's even the right component name, and what size to get for audio use?
> - Zake

Depends what you're trying to do.  I wouldn't think you'd want zeners in
a main audio path, as they are considered rather noisy at low levels. 
For general diode use, audio signals are normally low level (mic's
anyway) and you would use small signal diodes.  Something 10V or less,
they should be fairly low cost.

Kevin Brosius
(Local EE :) )
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