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Re: [PLUG] Geek News Sources

At 11:42 AM 9/27/2003, you wrote:
I'm pretty news hungry and get a lot from sites like Slashdot (They have
those cool BSD and gaming sections for updates), Wired and eWeek. I also
subscribe to a heap of mailinglist, browse newsgroups and read the
occasional Sysadmin mag, Linux mag. It gets a bit overwhelming at times
sifting through them all and I'm wondering if any other sites have been
successful at putting a lot of such stuff in one place. I've been
reading some about news aggregators, but haven't really stumbled onto
any that are worth checking out consistently. I figured some of you have
your favorite spots for such news and would love to hear about where you
go to keep current on stuff that interests you technically.

Thanks for any input.




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