Jeff Abrahamson on Tue, 30 Sep 2003 13:51:15 -0400

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[PLUG] free stuff for meeting

Courtesy of the copious folks at Pearson Prentice Hall, I have a a
stack of 20% off coupons valid during October only at Barnes and Noble
bookstores on these three titles:

    - The Art of UNIX Programming, Eric S. Raymond, 2004.
      475 pages, $40.

    - Linux on the Mainframe, John Eilert et al., 2003.
      400 pages, $50

    - Linux Administration Handbook, Evi Nemeth et al, 2002.
      890 pages, $50

Since the coupons turn to dust in a month, they are really only useful
to distribute at our next meeting. But I won't be there. If anyone who
will be can take the packet from me, that would be great. I live at
44th and Pine, work at Drexel.


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