Mike Leone on Tue, 30 Sep 2003 17:31:18 -0400

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[PLUG] Seriously broken Debian package manager


So I'm in the process of upgrading from stable to testing ... and the damn
hardware locks up tight. Norecourse but to power off. When it comes back up,
I try to finish out the update, by doing "apt-get -f install". I get many

things like "dpkg-preconfigure - line 3 BEGIN not found"
many other errors on other lines, things like "qq comand not found"

--bad perl install?

update-alternatives error messages about not being able to execute "new
pre-install scripts"; no such file; command not found; /eoment: no such

I think my list of available packages is hosed. I have tried "apt-get
update" again, and "dselect update"; neither has helped.

I gotta get this thing back up and running soon.

Pointers? I can't seem to find anything useful by googling around, but that
may be because I'm stressed out and entering bad search terms. :-(

Anyways, I can't install any packages at ALL now. And I *really* don't feel
like re-formatting and starting over ...

Plus, I can't even stay late; they lock the building here around 6PM. So I
can't do anything about it until Wed A.M.

I may not be at the meeting Wed. :-)

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