Christopher Shanahan on 15 Oct 2003 20:36:02 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] linux on a toshiba laptop

I'm currently running SuSE Linux on my Toshiba laptop, a
Satellite 2435-S255. I dual boot with WinXP. I use my laptop
for work and personal stuff. Although I rarely use WinXP, at
times I am forced to do so. I tried several versions of RH,
including RH 9, before abandoning that avenue. RH's stock
kernel, the kernel used during install, has ACPI issues and
won't boot on most Toshiba laptops--and many other laptops
for that matter. Many distros have the same problems with
ACPI and BIOS code. I found a lot of great information on
the Toshiba Linux users mailing list. Check this URL for the
mailing list:

At home I was running RH exclusively on my three PCs. Nearly a
year ago I tried Gentoo and loved it. Now I use Gentoo on all my
home PCs. Unfortunately I wasn't able to install Gentoo on my
laptop because of the BIOS/ACPI issues. I tried several times
but could never get it to work. I had to resort resort to SuSE,
a distro I never used before. SuSE 8.2 installed without a
single problem. I had support for ACPI, ALSA and other sound
support--such as mp3, video software, etc., etc. Although their
default desktop is KDE--which I happen to prefer and use--they
include Gnome as well. In fact, SuSE's Gnome support is better
than RH's KDE support. I'll never use RH again. Now I can't wait
for SUSE 9.0 to come out--end of October!

Chris Shanahan

On Wednesday 15 October 2003 19:45, Erik Osheim wrote:
> So my girlfriend has decided that she wants linux on her Toshiba laptop
> (she currently has Windows ME, which leaves a lot to be desired).
> She has a Toshiba Satellite 1805-S203; while there is no entry for that
> precise model on, there are a bunch of very close
> entries which all point to a promising install (no horror stories about
> audio/video). So I'm feeling good as far as that goes.
> Now I need to make some fundamental decisions about how to install
> linux. Here are the questions I've been mulling over, and which I'd
> like your opinions on:
> 1. What distro of linux (and what version)? -- I'm really unsure.
> 2. KDE, GNOME (or other? XFCE??)? -- I'm leaning toward GNOME on this
> one.
> The bottom line is this: she is probably not interested in learning
> much about shells and command lines. Thus, I'd like to get a
> distro/Desktop combination that will allow her to change settings and
> configure her environment without having to edit config files by hand
> or run commands (i.e. no ifconfig eth0...) if possible. Also, since she
> can watch DVDs and listen to mp3s in Windows ME, it's pretty essential
> that those work in Linux (but from what I can tell, that probably won't
> be too hard to set up).
> Currently, I'm sort of torn: I myself use NetBSD, Gentoo Linux, and
> Debian Linux (on an xbox)-- I prefer to do a lot of configuration
> myself and have a lot of control. However, while Debian might work, I
> feel that it might be a stretch.
> I'd prefer to stay away from Red Hat, since I really don't think
> up2date is much good for anything, and don't think rpms are so hot.
> However, in this case it might be the best bet.
> As far as GNOME and KDE, I don't have much experience with either (I
> use fvwm2 pretty exclusively), but seem to feel that with some
> configuration GNOME can be made better looking. If anyone feels
> passionately one way or the other, sending me config files (off-list)
> or links to configuration tips would be great.
> So... what are people's thoughts? Rather than just getting one-line
> emails back, I'd really like some serious discussion of the various
> distros' current merits. While I myself would obviously like nothing
> better than a Toshiba laptop running something like Gentoo, Debian, or
> Slackware, I'd need a lot of convincing to believe that any of those
> are ideal for an inexperienced user with no background in programming
> or unix. On the other hand, I have no experience with SuSE or Mandrake,
> and don't really like Red Hat very much.
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