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Re: [PLUG] Alternatives to PHP-Nuke?

Thanks for the suggestions/corrections.  I'm trying out "myPHPNuke".  In
the process, I found this site:
They have a whole load of these types of programs available for anyone
to experiment with (the database is reloaded each hour!)  Very cool.

Their (exhaustive!) list of open source CMS systems:

	AWF bes-cms DCP-Portal Drupal E-Xoops e107 eNvolution
	ezContents Geeklog LDU Mambo MD-Pro myPHPNuke
	OpenPHPNuke OSC2Nuke Ovidentia MP PHP-Nuke phpSlash
	phpWebSite phpWebThings PHPX Postnuke PrattCMS Props
	Tiki Typo3 vportal-S xaraya XOOPS

	bBlog MyPHPblog Nucleus pmachine Serendipity WordPress

	Lizard Cart MyMarket OSC2Nuke osCommerce

	dotProject Moregroupware phpCollab PHProjekt phpWiki

	Beehive Invision Board openBB Phorum phpBB W-Agora XMB

	ATutor Claroline Moodle Segue

None of the above:
	Coppermine Gallery Owl phpMyAdmin phpMyChat

	Consulting Customizing Installation Theme Design

Trusted sites: OSCOM

Quite a list!

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