Paul on 1 Dec 2003 13:11:02 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] Re: What Does "Install" Really Mean

Tom Diehl wrote:

Agreed!! It would be nice to be able to make this stuff "idiot proof"
but alas it is impossible because the idiots are too smart. :-))

We need to work with RPM as is, which means doing some "vodoo" once in a while. That is the reality of the utility. Just because one can't make sense of a method doesn't make it any less effective. Yes, in an ideal world everything would be done "right". I'm sorry to have to tell you this: Even the ideal world may not work the way *you* want it to.

The Shorewall RPM may require the --nodeps option in certain cases, but it does work flawlessly otherwise. Also, I was able to download a single noarch rpm instead of choosing from a long list of system-specific rpms, which is more practical. If you think you can fix the problems with RPM and the Shorewall package, and you want to take the time to build the numurous system-specific rpms, please do so. Until then, please submit your complaints and insults in the form of a bug report or feature request.

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