Mike Chirico on 5 Jan 2004 02:50:02 -0000

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[PLUG] Recommended Reading

1. "Advanced Linux Programming", by Mark Mitchell,
Jeffrey Oldham, and Alex Samuel, of CodeSourcery.

It's free. I highly recommend this book. It has a lot of good
examples of writing programs that work with  Processes, Pipes,
Message Queues, Shared Memory etc. It also details a complete
application "Web Server" that dynamically serves up pages.

2. "Interprocess Communications in Linux: The Nooks & Crannies",
John Shapley Gray.

This book covers a lot of what was in the book above, but using C++
instead of C, and the topics go into  more depth. It focuses on
Red Hat Linux.   A great read for learning how it take advantage
of you system. This book was published in January of 2003.  I think
it sells for $38?


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