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RE: [PLUG] 7/7/2004 GPG prep Q

--> [mailto:plug-admin@lists.phillylinux.org]On Behalf Of gabriel
--> rosenkoetter
--> A bit ahead of the game, aren't you?
--> I think I got farther in words that I had slides to cover, and I
--> haven't really figured out where I'm starting this time yet. It
--> probably won't literally be "part 2". I just got sort of bound up in
--> people's , and that
--> took up my time, for the most part, last time. So this time will be
--> more "and here's how to drive that car whose engine I told you about
--> a year ago". More or less.
--> --
--> gabriel rosenkoetter
--> gr@eclipsed.net

Well I really wanted to go to that one and was unable to; I'm sure I have
some learning to do if I'm to get anything out of part II, especially as I
"need to understand the cryptographic basics" more too...

- Zake

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