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Re: [PLUG] How to prevent a particular version of a debian package from upgrading?

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On Friday 07 May 2004 21:38, Walt Mankowski wrote:
| I mentioned this problem at Wednesday night's meeting, and someone
| suggested I look into apt_preferences and pinning.  I read through the
| apt_preferences(5) manpage.  I didn't have an /etc/apt/preferences, so
| I created one with the following in it:
| Package: pciutils
| Pin: version 1:2.1.11-8
| Pin-Priority: -100
| As far as I can tell from the documentation, that should prevent that
| version of the package from being installed since the Pin-Priority is
| less than 0.  But when I run apt-get dist-upgrade, it's still trying
| to install it.

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"Let's take a look at how pin priorities work. A priority lower than 0 
indicates that the package should never be installed. Priorities 0 to 100 
denote packages that are not installed and that have no available versions. 
These won't come into the version-choosing process. Priority 100 is the 
priority assigned to an installed package - for the installed version of a 
package to be replaced by a different version, the replacement must have a 
priority greater than 100."

So, from reading that, I would think that any package version would have a 
priority higher than -100. Raise the priority on the pin and it won't try to 
upgrade. The default is 989 if you don't specify a Pin-Priority line. That 
should work for you.

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