Chris Bovasso on 21 May 2004 03:07:02 -0000

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[PLUG] (Slightly OT) Personal Websites?

Hey Everyone,
Recently I have been adding some style and functionality to my website and I was wondering if anyone else out there in PLUG land is proud of a personal website? I know for me personally the people around me (friends, coworkers, girlfriend, etc.) get annoyed with hearing about my new keyword script so I figured what better way to find people to talk about and exchange information and ideas about personal websites then PLUG.
Now, of course, for the all important plug (no pun intended) for my site: There isnt much there really so far, guestbook, photos, about me section. I did write a keyword database which I think is sort of cool. You can go to different keywords (about, webmail, admin_demo) and be magically transported to that section of my site. If you go to a keyword that doesnt exist it does a google search for the term for you. the admin_demo keyword will show you a demo of the admin section of the site where I do all my updates.
So I hope you guys like my work in progress, I would love to see examples of everyone elses work and to exchange ideas and constructive criticisms.