Jeff Abrahamson on 3 Aug 2004 15:33:02 -0000

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[PLUG] PDF weirdness

Given a file /tmp/foo.pdf, I find, having cd'd into /tmp, that

    $ gv foo.pdf            # works fine

    $ gv /tmp/foo.pdf       # fails, postscript interpretation error

I'm using gv 3.5.8 (debian), debian sarge.

Diffing the files, the difference is one line for a file called stspchap.pdf:

  jeff@asterix:tmp $ diff gv_410fad36_1_stspchap.pdf.tmp gv_410fad1f_1_stspchap.pdf.tmp
  < (stspchap.pdf) (r) file { DELAYSAFER { .setsafe } if } stopped pop
  > (/tmp/stspchap.pdf) (r) file { DELAYSAFER { .setsafe } if } stopped pop
  jeff@asterix:tmp $ 

Any ideas what's going on?

This comes up when viewing pdf's via mozilla or mutt.  (Clearly a
wrapper script could get around this, of course.)


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