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RE: [PLUG] Microsoft/Active Directory

X.500 is a CCITT (ITU) recommendation for a "white pages" directory services
system that can provide a global "lookup" service for people and objects
everywhere. The standard defines a hierarchical tree-structured directory in
which countries form the top level of the directory and organizations or
organizational units branch from this tree. The original intent was to
define an international authority at the root of the tree that would manage
the global structure. X.500 can also be installed within an organization as
a private directory service and then connected to the global X.500 directory

it is for enterprise organization/management of computing resources
novell has had directory services (NDS, now eDirectory) since version 4.
it is rock solid.
they are attempting to incorporate disparate systems into eDirectory through
dirXML clients on a variety of boxes/OSes
microsoft came along with its competitve counterpart, active directory, 5?
years later.
microsoft types love "Group Policy Objects", associated with users, groups,
OU containers, etc to lock down machines.

i feel nds is conceptually setup better.
too many component roles for ad to work.


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ok, can someone explain what Active Directory is, in plain english?
(It sounds like their version of Groupwise).

but is it basically a passwd store/.login/.cshrc parameters stuffed
into the registry? and why do you need "experience" with it to get
a job? C'mon, it's passwords and key/value stuff for goodness sake.

or am I missing something? and how long until someone comes up with
an open source analogue?

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