Ron Mansolino on 3 Sep 2004 02:16:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Microsoft/Active Directory said...
> X.500 is a CCITT (ITU) recommendation for a "white pages" directory services
> system that can provide a global "lookup" service for people and objects
> everywhere. The standard defines a hierarchical tree-structured directory in
> which countries form the top level of the directory and organizations or
> organizational units branch from this tree. The original intent was to
> define an international authority at the root of the tree that would manage
> the global structure. X.500 can also be installed within an organization as
> a private directory service and then connected to the global X.500 directory
> service.
> it is for enterprise organization/management of computing resources
> novell has had directory services (NDS, now eDirectory) since version 4.
> it is rock solid.
> they are attempting to incorporate disparate systems into eDirectory through
> dirXML clients on a variety of boxes/OSes
> microsoft came along with its competitve counterpart, active directory, 5?
> years later.
> microsoft types love "Group Policy Objects", associated with users, groups,
> OU containers, etc to lock down machines.

ok, I apologize for being confused; I forgot about NDS and thought groupwise
subsumed it (I just skimmed the manual, sue me). MS-AD now includes the policy
stuff too. so WTF is a "forest", anyway, lol

I thought LDAP was just a database protocol over tcp/ip, it would be nice if I 
could use it to manage some of the stuff that goes on in the office where my
server lives, since I can't convince anyone to deploy a MS domain controller 
for me to play with. I mean, administer.

Now, for my next troll...
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