Dave Harding on 9 Sep 2004 03:29:01 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Using fetchmail to read from an Exchange public folder for learning spam

Michael Leone wrote:
> I don't use Razor at work, no.

        I would highly recomend Razor and Pyzor in addition to your
current spam catching techniques as they often catch spam that might
otherwise be missed. This is often enough the case here.

> Probably. I'm thinking it should be a cron job, run every so often (once
> or twice a day) to suck up uncaught spam; learn it. Since I'd want
> fetchmail to look in an IMAP folder, it wouldn't need to re-deliver it
> anywhere.

        It should be whatever you think it should be, whether that's a
cronjob or a elite team of spam analyzing monkeys is up to you. :) I
concur that fetchmail wouldn't need to re-deliver the email anywhere,
it's meerly that the MTA will have much better error handling than a
pipe-chain, IME.

> 1. I don't use procmail. If at all possible, I don't ever wanna have
>    to learn such a cryptic thing, either. :-) (at home, I use maildrop
>    with Courier IMAP. At work there is no IMAP or POP server; just
>    posfix to forward the mail)

        I admit that to the uninitiated procmail can be daunting. Yet, I
for one find the results of a few well written procmail rules to be
quite rewarding. I personally use: fetchmail => exim => procmail =>
Courier IMAPd. De gustibus non est disputandum.

> 2. The postfix server has no user accounts; it forwards all mail
>    inward to an Exchange server, so there are no mailboxes, actually.
>    I suppose I could make one.

        I would recomend not running SA as root if you can avoid it for
all the usual reasons.

> Appreciate the script, tho.

        No problem. If you ever decide to get started with procmail the
man page to read is procmailex(5), whilst using procmailrc(5) for
technical clarifications.

I had a terrible dream last night: There was a note tacked to the server
room door that read, "There is No Escape". When I told my therapist
about the dream he said I was, "Out of Control". I decided he must be an
EMACS user.

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