Michael Leone on 9 Sep 2004 20:26:01 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Using fetchmail to read from an Exchange public folder for learning spam

Dave Harding said:
> Michael Leone wrote:
>> I don't use Razor at work, no.
>         I would highly recomend Razor and Pyzor in addition to your
> current spam catching techniques as they often catch spam that might
> otherwise be missed. This is often enough the case here.

I will check that out.

> cronjob or a elite team of spam analyzing monkeys is up to you. :) I

An ELITE team, no less! :-)

> quite rewarding. I personally use: fetchmail => exim => procmail =>
> Courier IMAPd. De gustibus non est disputandum.

At home, I do postfix=>maildrop=>COurier IMAPd. (I am my own MX) And then
read using mutt or Evolution or Outlook (depending on which machine I am
on), all via IMAP.

>> 2. The postfix server has no user accounts; it forwards all mail
>>    inward to an Exchange server, so there are no mailboxes, actually.
>>    I suppose I could make one.
>         I would recomend not running SA as root if you can avoid it for
> all the usual reasons.

My postfix calls amavisd-new, which daemonizes and runs the SA perl
modules directly, so I am actually never running SA; everything is handled
by amavisd-new (as well as virus-scanning via clamd).

I had completely forgotten I was using this as a .sig. :-)

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