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Re: [PLUG] Interesting Article from eWeek

Howard Bloom wrote:

David Coursey: Security Update
Linux Doesn't Make Sense for Desktops

Mandrake disagrees.

FLASH: Mandrakelinux computers available now for immediate delivery to US and Canada

Computers pre-installed with Mandrakelinux are now available for
delivery to North America! Mandrakesoft has teamed with hardware
manufacturer Mandrakeworks to design a range of Mandrakelinux
solutions that includes affordable entry-level desktops and high
performance servers. There's no limit to what you can do with those:
they make excellent desktops for Internet and Office applications,
superb workstations, fast and dependable servers for Web/Files/Mail...

Key features:

* Suitable for both home and professional use - there's a wide
range of models to choose from.
* All machines are manufactured in the US. Shipping from the US to
US or Canada.
* AMD(TM) or Intel(TM) CPU's
* Pre-installed Discovery 10.0, Powerpack 10.0 or Multi Network
* Support is included!

Full product details on Mandrakestore - order now!

Mandrakesoft Online Team.

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