Barry, Christopher on 10 Sep 2004 14:11:03 -0000

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[PLUG] OT: Advanced Debian Linux Administrator position open now.

	Sorry for the spam, but I asked the maintainer, and he thought
it would be OK. My company, InfiniCon Systems designs and manufactures
Infiniband switches and shared IO devices for the HPC and high-end
datacenter markets. We're a small startup, around 60 people, located in
KoP. We have an immediate need for an accomplished and motivated (key
word there) linux and windows and desktop guy/gal. Basically an
'everything' kind of person who is creative and can do long hours for
the chance to be on the ground floor of an incredible tech startup

	The position will be a contract position initially, with the
possibility of changing to full-time.

	We have a fairly small, but complex network, centered around
Debian GNU/Linux systems, so ideally that's your distro of choice. We
also have Exchange, unfortunately, so we have a parallel Windows domain.
We have a whole lot of work that needs to be done. We outsource our
Oracle ERP system, but need to maintain users and responsibilities via
the web, so experience with that will be helpful. 

	This is definitely NOT an entry-level gig. You have to really
know Windows, Linux, bash, some Solaris, understand and be fanatical
about security, and love the work. Please don't waste both of our time
if you're not right for the job. If you are excited about
administration, *really* know what you are doing, and want to be a part
of an amazing IO paradigm shift, call me today.

Christopher Barry
Software Engineer
InfiniCon Systems

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