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RE: [PLUG] Interesting Article from eWeek

Ed Martin wrote:
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> kaze wrote:
>> --> At this point the major problem on the desktop falls more to
>> --> misperception than incompatibility or ability. Education is our
>> key 
>> --> here.
>> --> Build up a box
>> --> and plop it on you bosses desk. Make up a kiosk and display it
>> where 
>> --> people can play with it. The next time you give a presentation
>> make 
>> --> it with a linux computer and give a plug at the beginning (this
>> --> gives people time to ask questions and think) It's just a matter
>> of 
>> --> education at this point.
>> --> ~Ed
>> Maybe at PLUG presentations there should be an effort to at least
>> boot the presentation PC off Knoptix? Advocacy and perception, right?
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> I don't think you get it.  I like Linux.  I like it a lot.  Linux is
> an operating system like an Archer is an airplane.  If I am going to
> fly by myself and just practice landings and takeoffs, I may fly a
> Cessna 150 and not a Piper Lance.  When 5 people want to come along I
> have to fly the Lance.  I can't cram them all into the 150.    
> When I work on my PC - selling on eBay - using proprietary programs
> that only exist in windows, Linux just won't fly for me.  Not yet. 
> When the day comes I'll tell Microsoft to go f*&#$*#$*& themselves
> and boot every Microsoft program from my platters but until I can
> exist in the Linux world only, that isn't going to happen.  I have to
> live in Windows and make the best of it.     
> I am hoping for a time when I can do EVERYTHING within Linux. I would
> pay for Linux versions of the software I use but the software
> companies don't ever plan on making Linux versions of their software.
> The article I posted talked about some areas of Linux where a novice
> user isn't going to be able to use it especially if they find
> themselves in situations where configuration changes become
> necessary.   
> What part of this don't you all understand?
> Thanks for the clarification,
> Do yourself a favor, go buy a copy of Linspire and then come talk to
> me. 
> Home users can and have easily used this including their digital
> cameras and wireless devices. 
> Want to do work pick up the latest SUSE Linux it will connect to you
> windows domain and exchange server. 
> Am I missing anything?

Yes.  I don't think you read a single letter I wrote.

I own Xandros Business Desktop.  Works nicely.  It's a Cessna 172 with 4
seats - I still have myself and 5 passengers.  

Like O.J.'s glove, if it don't fit ....

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