Howard Bloom on 12 Sep 2004 23:04:02 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] Interesting Article from eWeek

Ed Martin wrote:
> Howard I respect you and your opinion. I on the other hand see a huge
> hole that needs to be filled with a reliable product. Going to the
> desktop now with Linux in some state, would raise the gauntlet to
> Microsoft and it's time to do it NOW!   
> This next two years are the time, as the watered down Longhorn is
> released and we watch them stumble. It's time and it doesn't get any
> better than this. Do you remember when Novell stumbled bringing out a
> good prime time Windows network solution back in 93-94? Microsoft put
> out a half baked Windows NT 3.5 and won huge market share!    
> This is the time and solution minded technicians who see their home &
> corporate desktops being trashed by unscrupulous virus/worm/ad ware
> need to come up with a good solution.  
> The story line is different however the time is ripe. Today it's
> battleing viruses and worms. Ten years ago we where trying to get a
> good easy to use network client.  
> Let's get the desktop tight over the next two years and put a crack
> in the foundation of Microsoft. 

I'm glad you respect my opinion.  I am on your side.  

I am not some nutball like that kook actor who is driving around in his
electric car.  When an SUV hits him and he becomes dust I'm sure we will all
laud him for his sacrifice.  


I'm not willing to sacrifice.  

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