Pat Regan on 13 Sep 2004 05:37:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Religious Questions

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, sean finney wrote:

> > Plus, its _MUCH_ easier to make custom RPMs than it is to make custom
> > dpkgs (Debian's package format). I learned how to package software with
> > RPM in a few hours (two days ago, in fact); Debian has 5 different
> > places for information on how to make dpkgs and they're all wrong in
> > some way(s) or another.
> i won't argue that it isn't more complicated, but it makes for a more
> robust packaging system.  however, there are alternatives to having
> to use dpkg for your own in-house software needs.  if you're trying
> to make custom packages to satisfy some kind of missing dependency,
> use equivs.  if you're just trying to make it easier to keep pre-compiled
> software distributed among your servers, use stow and rsync.

I know I barked up at least one wrong tree the first time I wanted to make
a .deb file.  Once I found out about deb-make, it got REALLY easy though.
Probably takes me an extra 10 seconds to make a package out of anything
with a configure script.  Usually a little bit more digging if a package
just comes with a bare makefile though :).


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