Michael Leone on 13 Sep 2004 16:42:02 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] More critique of Linux desktop

On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 12:26, Howard Bloom wrote:

> I drive Windows on my desktop because I use:
> Outlook
> Act!
> DeepAnalysis 
> And about 20 more products that don't exist in Linux.

Well, with a bit of work (not too much, but a bit), you could dump
Outlook for a Linux version. With the right add-ins, it will even speak
to Exchange, for group scheduling with others, on the Exchange server,
if you have a need for that.

(yes, I know there are other groupware scheduling products for Linux,
but they don't speak directly to Exchange, and so make it more
aggravating to schedule with those who do)

Haven't used Act! in almost 9 years, and then only sparingly, so I can't
comment there. Nor on the other you mention, as I've never heard of it.

Of course, going from one OS/one set of programs to another will ALWAYS
involve SOME pain and confusion, getting used to the new ways, etc.
Perhaps you over-estimate this amount of re-learning/re-training/etc.

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