Howard Bloom on 13 Sep 2004 17:08:02 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] iptables -A INPUT -s Howard_Bloom/0 -j DROP

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> I vote nay.
> The occasional pissing match on this list tends to break up 
> the work day. ;)
> Seriously, I'd rather not have people getting 
> kicked/banned/evicted/deported from the list because their 
> views aren't the same as mine or someone else's. 
> Each has their own path to walk...
> And logs to trip over ;)

Telling people what and how to think is defined as fascism in a
authoritarian setting such as a government system.  I'm very surprised that
there are a few on this list who would like to toss me off because I offend
the pansy of fraternity with my different view. 

But my views don't differ much from yours Chris - it seems we both want to
use it but it just isn't practical.  Don't worry, when they want to toss you
off too, I got your back.


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