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[PLUG] My "hopefully" last comments on the Linux Desktop thread.

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Art Alexion wrote:

> I wanted to ignore this, but I am taking the bait...
That's why this is still going on.  We like it, don't we?  Let's all just
drop this, like I've tried to do about five times, and be happy again.
We've had a few side discussions with Howard which didn't turn into battles.
Those are the discussion we should pursue if they are of interest.  However,
it seems that *everyone* is more interested in voicing their opinions and
winning the battle.  Shame, shame.

You are correct.  I started this by posting an article.  I didn't say in the
beginning whether or not I agreed with the writer but several people
attacked me personally.  Are you and others on the list proponents of Linux?
If so, I am with you, I am on your side.  

I want to be able to use Linux on the desktop.  I already use it where
appropriate in the server environment.  I am a Linux user.  I am an open
source user.  I daily convert people from IE to Firefox.  But I have been
attacked on this list because I am not a zealot.  I am not 100 percent on

I was told to get off the list because I dared to use Windows. I wonder if
anyone who uses MAC OSX was told to do the same?  

I was really hoping for someone to point me in the direction of a Linux
solution so that I could migrate my desktop to Linux.  It hasn't happened.
Instead the Linux "advocates" here told me that  I should get out - go play
with the Microsoft people because I'm not wanted here.  What a great way to
get the undecided to use Linux - tell them how stupid they are for even
using Microsoft in the first place.

I've been cursed at, defamed, maligned and in some cases accused of being a
contentious bastard in search of nothing but trouble.  

You eat your own.

What I have done is peaked the interest of at least one list member into
creating an ACT! Equivalent for Linux and that's a good thing.  I've also
exposed a good number of you for the intolerant zealots that you are.

Yes, I have much to offer the "community" but few bothered to ask.


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