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RE: [PLUG] Phillys hot spots...

Title: RE: [PLUG] Phillys hot spots...

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>Subject: RE: [PLUG] Phillys hot spots...
>Having seen an a presentation of Cisco hardware that would let
>you track
>the location of a rouge base station in your office using the
>interference received by the "legal" base stations in your office, one
>could imagine law enforcement tracking the movement of a given MAC
>address around the wireless network (since it's essentially the same
>thing).  Since the MAC address is harder to change then your IP one can
>assume that MOST people taking part in low level online crime
>don't know
>how to change theirs.

I disagree. The MAC address is very easy to change. And for the ones that
would be trying to use the system for what it shouldn't be used for, would
be the ones that would have the software to change it.

By tracking, I mean after the fact. I assume that if you go to Starbucks
you are linked to a credit card, so that can be back tracked 6 months down
the road. Just as you have to sign up for a computer at the library (I assume
that is the case in Phila as well as my local library).

Here there is no tracking. Just sit and surf, and leave.

  Once law enforcement knew material of an illegal
>nature were going to that machine, it would just be a matter of walking
>around a small area looking over people's shoulders until you found who
>you were looking for (or the guy that bolts).  Granted city wide
>networks would be harder (then say Love Park) to control since you'd
>have people in their own homes and probable cause becomes more of an
>issue (you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy in Love Park
>so looking over shoulders most likely isn't a problem)

It would be easy enough to setup a repeater that would allow you access LOVE
park from an area that isn't in love park, have a small PC with 2 NICS, one
to access the park, the other to focus the signal (via a cantenna type).
Put this inside a parked car, especially, if each time access is acheived the
MAC address changes.