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RE: [PLUG] Phillys hot spots...

Should work on microwave frequencies as long as we are dealing with
line of sight.
We talked about this earlier, last summer, but nothing came of it.
Lower bands are more forgiving but also more wasteful and a lower 
data rate.
Of course, the proper frequencies have to be checked out with F.C.C.

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Aaron Crosman wrote:

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> Subject: [PLUG] Phillys hot spots...
> How does the RIAA deal with municipal hotspots? 
> If someone links up in Love Park, and downloads music from a P2P, the IP
>   comes back to Philadelphia City (or whoever is hosting the project).
> What is
>   to stop these hotspots from becoming a mecca for childporn
> downloaders? 
>   or even terroristic threats? 
> I love the idea of using light poles with mini-repeaters. 
> It is a method I saw a few years ago, to use that same technique and
> cable to function as a cell phone repeater instead of using cell phone
> towers, but it never seems to get used. 
> George 
> ======================================================
> Having seen an a presentation of Cisco hardware that would let you track
> the location of a rouge base station in your office using the
> interference received by the "legal" base stations in your office, one
> could imagine law enforcement tracking the movement of a given MAC
> address around the wireless network (since it's essentially the same
> thing).  Since the MAC address is harder to change then your IP one can
> assume that MOST people taking part in low level online crime don't know
> how to change theirs.  Once law enforcement knew material of an illegal
> nature were going to that machine, it would just be a matter of walking
> around a small area looking over people's shoulders until you found who
> you were looking for (or the guy that bolts).  Granted city wide
> networks would be harder (then say Love Park) to control since you'd
> have people in their own homes and probable cause becomes more of an
> issue (you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy in Love Park
> so looking over shoulders most likely isn't a problem)
> As for the RIAA, I assume they will just sue the city, the mayor, the
> mayor's dog, and 150 unknown Philadelphia residents in a California
> court and announce the city is full of anti-capitalist terrorists trying
> to bring about the down fall of civilization through stealing music.
> Of course IANAL
> Aaron
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