Kevin Brosius on 15 Sep 2004 18:47:02 -0000

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[PLUG] Re: [PLUG] SuSE 9.1, Only 1%

Paul wrote:
> OK, so I took the Novell-SuSE 9.1 DVD and exported in through NFS. I 
>  was working my way through a remote install up to the point where the 
>  files started being copied. Two times the install froze at 1%. Has 
>  anyone run into a similar problem? Help?

sounds like you may have found the problem already, with the
'no_root_squash' parameter to NFS export.  SuSE does expect to mount the
install filesystem as root.

Also, you can help diagnose this by going to another vt and testing out
what is wrong.  The SuSE installer is either running in vt1 in text mode
or in a X session on vt7 (or there-abouts).  You can switch to vt2-5 and
at least one of them will give you a root prompt.  Can you ping the nfs
server?  Is the network running?  Has the NFS mount been setup?  If so,
it's usually in /var/adm/(somerandomletters) and if you browse it you'll
see the DVD files.

Art wrote:
>  I had asked previously if the DVD 
>  was set up (like the Linux Format magazine DVDs) so that you could burn 
>  CDs from its various parts, and then use the CDs in your DVD-less 
>  machine. Is that possible?

I doubt it.  Since it's free, I suspect they used the DVD install
image.  The CD install set is broken up differently.

Paul wrote:
>  SuSE claims that there is no way to make ISOs from their FTP downloads. 
>  It's my assumption that the same is claimed for the DVDs. I'm bet 
>  /someone/ could make ISOs out of the DVD, but that's not me and it might 
>  not even be worth the effort.
>  The installer offers NFS, FTP, Samba, hard drive, and maybe one or two 
>  other install methods. The thing that I find odd is that SuSE states 
>  that, it you download the entire FTP directory to a hard drive, you must 
>  then use NFS to do the install. Why is that if installing over the 
>  Internet is done through FTP using the same files?

Well, if you have an ftp server running on the machine you download
those files to, and you leave the directory structure intact, you can
probably do an FTP install.  They probably just mean that an NFS install
makes more sense.

SuSE now offers an ISO CD for the personal edition.  It sounds like it's
a limited set of the files that fits into a single ISO.  So that expands
your options somewhat.  You can download a single ISO with a system
install, you can download the ISO for the remote FTP installer, or you
can buy a full install CD/DVD.

Kevin Brosius
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