Paul on 15 Sep 2004 19:13:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Re: [PLUG] SuSE 9.1, Only 1%

Kevin Brosius wrote:

Paul wrote:

OK, so I took the Novell-SuSE 9.1 DVD and exported in through NFS. I was working my way through a remote install up to the point where the files started being copied. Two times the install froze at 1%. Has anyone run into a similar problem? Help?

sounds like you may have found the problem already, with the
'no_root_squash' parameter to NFS export. SuSE does expect to mount the
install filesystem as root.

The no_root_squash directive didn't work. Neither did putting the DVD drive into the PC. The install stopped at 2%.

I decided to try version 8.2 to see what would happen. Well, to try 8.2 you must burn the ISOs from the DVD. There are five ISOs on the disc. I think they are also available for download.

Maybe it is a memory issue, or a hard drive access issue. This same machine wouldn't allow XP to install; it failed, like SuSE, during the file transfer. Windows 98 SE did install on it, but it's gone now!
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