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RE: [PLUG] Interesting Article from eWeek

On Sun, 12 Sep 2004, Ed Martin wrote:

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> Tobias DiPasquale wrote:
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> > On Sep 12, 2004, at 7:03 PM, Howard Bloom wrote:
> >> I'm glad you respect my opinion.  I am on your side.
> > 
> > That seems to be all you have (opinions). And if you're on our side,
> > then where are your solution suggestions? We're all aware of this
> > issue. We don't need you harping on it.  
> > 
> >> I am not some nutball like that kook actor who is driving around in
> >> his electric car.  When an SUV hits him and he becomes dust I'm sure
> >> we will all laud him for his sacrifice.
> >> 
> >> Not.
> >> 
> >> I'm not willing to sacrifice.
> > 
> > This could be the worst analogy in history; how is Leo's choice of
> > vehicle in any way germane to the point you're trying to make? And if
> > you're not willing to sacrifice until we get desktop Linux as good or
> > better than Windows, then what the hell are you doing on this list?
> > I'm still waiting for the Gibson-esque cyberspace environment; does
> > that mean I should stop using computers or complain incessantly until
> > it arrives?      
> > 
> > P.S. By the way, exactly what are you doing to improve the state of
> > desktop Linux? And before you answer, I'm not currently working on
> > any desktop-related software for Linux, either, but desktop Linux
> > suits my needs just fine.   
> > 
> Many think people who want Linux are:
> Nuts
> Zealots
> Kooks
> Ed Begley drives an electric car - at his expense - 
> Costs more.
> Doesn't go as far.
> Little protection - too light
> He's making a point:  Why?
> He is a zealot - kook - nuts - 
> He could be driving a Volvo but chooses to sacrifice by driving some crap
> electric car.
> Why is that so hard to understand as an analogy?
> I'm not willing to drive Linux until it is VOLVO like.
> Now your just out of line. 
> ___________________________________________________________________________
Sometimes a great notion?
Better to die free than live in chains?
Oh the Volvo that made the left turn infront of my Ford Taurus because
the dingbat was too involved in her phone call was totaled.  I drove home.
Some one has to do the grunt work to make anything actually work.  There
are no fairies magically alighting on your computer or in your kitchen 
where carpenter ants have taken refuge to make things happen.
Ed Begley is making progress happen.  Progress requires taking a lot of
wrong paths to find a right path.  I can't use his electrical car because
my needs would go beyond his recharge capacity, but without constant
testing, how do we know what the limits are?  Are they provided by magic
statistics that come to us from some divine source?
And corporations, whether Bill Gates' Microsoft or General Motors are
tied to one solution.  We cannot depend upon their guidance.
To the best of our abilities we have to simply do.

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