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Re: [PLUG] Verizon DSL

On 18 Sep, 2004, at 13:40, Doug Crompton wrote:
On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, William H. Magill wrote:
The only annoying thing is that you don't get static IP addresses
anymore, you get permanently assigned DHCP addresses. [Having been a
long time customer, I have a mix of both. But as I've upgraded hardware
recently and had to get the MAC assignments changed, the type of
address assigned has changed.]

The difference is in which code is used to connect and maintain the
connection. And while it is a 10 day lease, it still has to get
renewed. Not a big deal, but I much preferred being able to assign the
IP address myself, instead of having to rely on DHCP to do it for me.

I would want and need a static IP address. I do my own name serving and
web hosting etc. I can get by with one but I cannot play around with non
static IP. If DCA will not supply static IP then I won't even bother with

From the "outside," there is no difference between a Static IP and a permanently assigned DHCP address. The IP address does not change.

It's only on the "inside" in how you configure it.

DCAnet continues to call them Static IP addresses because they are. However, you can't configure them on your host the way you did a "classic" static IP."

With DCA as with most ISPs today, because you are using their IP address range not your own, you can't simply swap out CPUs anyway -- they require that the MAC address be registered to protect themselves from "unauthorized" use. It is also "easier" to manage.

Now if you had your own Class B, it would be a different story.

DCA also will accept a DNS designation from you. I run the primary for mcgillsociety.org, they take the feed from me. (My domain happens to be registered through them and "it comes with," so I don't know what their charge policy would be, if any, for other registrations.)

Give them a call and ask.

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