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Re: [PLUG] Mandrake Networking: pppoe & smb

> From: LeRoy Cressy 

> | On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 03:49:20PM -0400, Art Alexion said:
> |
> |>I recently installed Mandrake in a partition on my [smooth functioning,
> |>but elderly] red hat machine.  Everything good (after I fixed the way it
> |>hosed my existing grub configuration after promising not to).  Even KDE
> |>3.1 runs smoother and faster than KDE 3.0 on the red hat 7.3 install.
> |>But...
> |>
> |>I can't get the Mandrake networking configurator, DrakConnect, nor
> |>trusty linuxconf, to set up the Ethernet cards so that I can connect to
> |>DSL or my Samba network.  Is there a tool or trick that anyone can
> suggest?
> |
> ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast
> && route add -net
> && route add default gw
> or in a shell script:
> ifconfig eth0 ${IPADDR} netmask ${NETMASK} broadcast ${BROADCAST}
> [ "$ADDROUTE" ] && route add -net ${NETWORK}
> [ "$GATEWAY" ]  && route add default gw ${GATEWAY}
> This is the old way to do it and still works.  You need to know the ip
> address along with the gate way and other addresses.

Thanks.  I got DSL working by abandoning Mandrake tools (except HardDrake to determine which of my NICs was assigned to eth0, and which to eth1) and using Roaring Penguin's adsl-setup script.

Next, I need to work on getting Samba working again (using my old smb.config did not work), and then complete IP forwarding.

I assume the script/commands you suggest are for the DSL connection?

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