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RE: [PLUG] Linksys and DSL

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>Continuing with my DSL questions to the list...
>I have a Linksys BEFSR41 cable/DSL router which at the moment I am just

>using as a 4 port router. In reviewing the docs and internet info it
> appears that this is a very versatile box. It also has a Linux engine
and the 
>code is downloadable. There was also an article on it in Linux Journal
a few months ago.
>It appears that this router would handle port forwarding. 
>My question is if I were to use this box connected to (say)
> Verizon with a STATIC IP, let it handle PPOE, and connect 
>my Linux server to it with a 192.168.x.x address, set port forwarding 
>for DNS, Mail, Web, POP3 or any other service I want to provide to the
world - would this work?
>Now the question is why would I want to do this. I am not sure. It is
an option
>. Let the router be the front-end to everything and be the firewall.
>The other option of course is to connect the DSL modem directly to the
> Linux box, let it do PPOE, Firewall, and 192.168.x.x local routing out
a second ethernet port.

I would suggest using the LinkSys in front and certainly have it handle
DHCP.  I have worked with a couple of Linksys devices in the BEF line,
and generally I haven't been impressed.  Granted most of the ones I
worked with were running the 1.x firmware which is pre-Linux, and things
are better under the 2.x firmware (which is the Linux based one you
referred to above).  The problem I got most frustrated with was a total
unwillingness for the BEF series gear to pass DHCP requests across (even
with all it's fire walling disabled).  That's led to a situation in a
couple of our offices where we have a firewall doing DHCP within a
firewall doing DHCP.  This was supposed to be fixed in the newer
firmware, but I didn't have any luck on the one occasion I was working
on it.  Granted I was working with a user over the phone with a device I
had never seen outside of screenshots in the documentation, so it
wouldn't be shocking to discover I missed something.

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