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Re: [PLUG] Linksys and DSL

Assuming you use the linksys widget as the router, why do you want to pass
DHCP requests across it? The router is the only device that should be doing
DHCP requests on Verizon's side of the network. Your internal boxes should
make their DHCP requests to the Router (that is, IF the router is the DHCP
server for your local lan, something that your Linux box could also do).

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> >Continuing with my DSL questions to the list...
> >
> >I have a Linksys BEFSR41 cable/DSL router which at the moment I am just
> >using as a 4 port router. In reviewing the docs and internet info it
> > appears that this is a very versatile box. It also has a Linux engine
> and the
> >code is downloadable. There was also an article on it in Linux Journal
> a few months ago.
> >
> >It appears that this router would handle port forwarding.
> >My question is if I were to use this box connected to (say)
> > Verizon with a STATIC IP, let it handle PPOE, and connect
> >my Linux server to it with a 192.168.x.x address, set port forwarding
> >for DNS, Mail, Web, POP3 or any other service I want to provide to the
> world - would this work?
> >
> >Now the question is why would I want to do this. I am not sure. It is
> an option
> >. Let the router be the front-end to everything and be the firewall.
> >
> >The other option of course is to connect the DSL modem directly to the
> > Linux box, let it do PPOE, Firewall, and 192.168.x.x local routing out
> a second ethernet port.
> I would suggest using the LinkSys in front and certainly have it handle
> DHCP.  I have worked with a couple of Linksys devices in the BEF line,
> and generally I haven't been impressed.  Granted most of the ones I
> worked with were running the 1.x firmware which is pre-Linux, and things
> are better under the 2.x firmware (which is the Linux based one you
> referred to above).  The problem I got most frustrated with was a total
> unwillingness for the BEF series gear to pass DHCP requests across (even
> with all it's fire walling disabled).  That's led to a situation in a
> couple of our offices where we have a firewall doing DHCP within a
> firewall doing DHCP.  This was supposed to be fixed in the newer
> firmware, but I didn't have any luck on the one occasion I was working
> on it.  Granted I was working with a user over the phone with a device I
> had never seen outside of screenshots in the documentation, so it
> wouldn't be shocking to discover I missed something.
> Aaron
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