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Re: [PLUG] Linksys and DSL

I never mentioned DHCP. I generally don't use it. I assign static IP's in
my 192.168.x.x network. It is a rather easy thing to do although I agree
that DHCP would simplify things. I think however when you use port
forwarding on the Linsys you have to use static IP routing.

I just put a label on a box with it's IP address. With 250+- addresses
available I don't think I will run out. Granted in a real business
networking situation this would be a nightmare but at home it is no big
deal. WinXP even allows changing IP's, GW's etc. without rebooting which
is nice.


On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Eric Hidle wrote:

> Assuming you use the linksys widget as the router, why do you want to pass
> DHCP requests across it? The router is the only device that should be doing
> DHCP requests on Verizon's side of the network. Your internal boxes should
> make their DHCP requests to the Router (that is, IF the router is the DHCP
> server for your local lan, something that your Linux box could also do).
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> > I would suggest using the LinkSys in front and certainly have it handle
> > DHCP.  I have worked with a couple of Linksys devices in the BEF line,
> > and generally I haven't been impressed.  Granted most of the ones I
> > worked with were running the 1.x firmware which is pre-Linux, and things
> > are better under the 2.x firmware (which is the Linux based one you
> > referred to above).  The problem I got most frustrated with was a total
> > unwillingness for the BEF series gear to pass DHCP requests across (even
> > with all it's fire walling disabled).  That's led to a situation in a
> > couple of our offices where we have a firewall doing DHCP within a
> > firewall doing DHCP.  This was supposed to be fixed in the newer
> > firmware, but I didn't have any luck on the one occasion I was working
> > on it.  Granted I was working with a user over the phone with a device I
> > had never seen outside of screenshots in the documentation, so it
> > wouldn't be shocking to discover I missed something.
> >
> > Aaron
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