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Re: [PLUG] Linksys and DSL

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Paul wrote:

> I think the router in Linux Journal was the WRT54G, which is a wireless
> router.

Yes it was. This is the non-wireless version of that and it too is linux
based. The GPL code is downloadable at the Linksys website.

> Having a static IP will help.  Is the DNS server for internal use only?
> I never tried to set up e-mail servers with port forwarding, so I can't
> comment on that.

 I am my primary DNS - currently Bind8. Two secondaries exist. I question
wether this would work properly with port forwarding. I don't think it
could be made to work at all with Dynamic IP.

I have about 14 domains that I serve and provide web services for.

> I would use the router at the front, unless you want a Linux/OSS
> learning experience.

Well that was my thought. The other is versatility. I like simplifying
things. It is the Fengshui thing to do! You could build a rather generic
Linux box with a 192.168.x.x address and it would work. Having a spare
would be easy and the front-end modem and DSL router could be replaced
cheaply and easily. Also you don't depend on a single computer from which
the rest of your network gets to the net. This could be an even bigger
issue with PPOE where you would be dead if you depended on the one
computer and it failed. You would be scrambling to get another configured
and connected.

A question was asked wether Verizon business DSL is PPOE. I cannot answer
that. I suspect it is. Does anyone have it?


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