Paul on 20 Sep 2004 14:24:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Linksys and DSL

Doug Crompton wrote:

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Paul wrote:

I think the router in Linux Journal was the WRT54G, which is a wireless

Yes it was. This is the non-wireless version of that and it too is linux
based. The GPL code is downloadable at the Linksys website.

But, is the non-wireless router hackable like the wireless WRT54G and GS? Meaning, can you install things like ssh and VPN servers on is?

I am my primary DNS - currently Bind8. Two secondaries exist. I question
wether this would work properly with port forwarding. I don't think it
could be made to work at all with Dynamic IP.

I have about 14 domains that I serve and provide web services for.

In that case I personally wouldn't want to even try messing around with port forwarding or dynamic IPs.

A question was asked wether Verizon business DSL is PPOE. I cannot answer
that. I suspect it is. Does anyone have it?


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