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Re: [PLUG] Adding a second HD to a Linux system

Tobias DiPasquale wrote:

On Sep 20, 2004, at 4:03 PM, Aaron Crosman wrote:

>> I noticed today that I'm starting to use up the 1 HD in one of my Linux
>> systems.  So I'd like to add a second.  Having never done this under
>> Linux before I thought I'd better ask for suggested reading before I
>> take on the task.  Are there any pitfalls, or cautions I should be
>> careful of?

Should be pretty straightforward.

Just power the box down and install the second HDD, bring the machine back up, figure out what device node the drive is on (usually if the first disk is /dev/hda, the second is /dev/hdc if you also have a CD drive).

Then you fdisk the drive to make any partitions you want, fsck the drive to put a filesystem on there and then add a line to /etc/fstab to have it mounted at boot time and you're done. I just did this on my home system.

>> Since the server uses much of it's Disk space for web server staging I
>> figure I'll move the web server docs and the home directories there.
>> Any reason that's a bad idea?


I got help on this topic last month. Moved /home to the new drive. Works fine. Search the archives for instructions. The thread subject was "Adding a new HD"


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