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Re: [PLUG] Adding a second HD to a Linux system

Title: RE: [PLUG] Adding a second HD to a Linux system
Personally, I'd opt for the $20 removable drive chassis that goes in a 5.25" slot rather than pay the $100 premium for an external USB enclosure... but that's just me..
If (the proverbial) you want to get really creative and adventurous, you can add two drives that are identical to the first and do a Raid5 array - but that takes courage - the benefit being that if you ever lose a single drive, you won't lose any data - the pitfall being you'll only have twice the drive space and not 3 times. I know RedHat can configure and install to software raid5.. not sure about other distros..
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Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 4:13 PM
Subject: RE: [PLUG] Adding a second HD to a Linux system

If somehow, someone is able to write to your webserver doc directory
and fills up your drive, you will also have your home directories unable
to be updated (out of space), unless you partition that new drive into
two filesystems (one for each).

Can your system use USB drives? If so, I'd put the webserver docs on
an external USB drive. Since the that drive will take the most work out
it will most likely be the first to fail, so make it the easier one to
replace in the future.


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>Subject: [PLUG] Adding a second HD to a Linux system
>I noticed today that I'm starting to use up the 1 HD in one of my Linux
>systems.  So I'd like to add a second.  Having never done this under
>Linux before I thought I'd better ask for suggested reading before I
>take on the task.  Are there any pitfalls, or cautions I should be
>careful of?
>Since the server uses much of it's Disk space for web server staging I
>figure I'll move the web server docs and the home directories there.
>Any reason that's a bad idea?
>Thanks for any guidance.
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