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Re: [PLUG] Verizon DSL

On 20 Sep, 2004, at 01:26, Doug Crompton wrote:
I checked tonight and it looks like DCA will only qualify my location at
144/144 - which (althought they don't specify it) is IDSL. They are
obviously using a map and my address as I am about 23K feet from the CO.
What they don't know is that I am on an RT and that would not work either
for IDSL. I am assuming they cannot get into the Verizon RT for ADSL.

Verizon continues to qualify my line for ADSL but the only way I will know
for sure is to apply for it.

That is probably true for both... "everybody" uses the same tester to qualify lines.

DSL from DCAnet IS VerizonDSL. (Unless they can't get a Verizon line in an area and use COVAD.) DCAnet is simply the ISP.

I have zero confidence in websites when it comes to this stuff -- they are simply not updated on a frequent enough basis. Even the "first tier" phone reps can be woefully ignorant about anything vaguely technical in nature and out of the "normal."

I do not see any significant restrictions for Verizon business DSL with
Static IP. They specify business use with web/mail servers etc. I see no
wording on the web about blocked ports or restrictions of use.

To the best of my knowledge, Verizon Business DSL is a "dramatically" different product than the Verizon Home DSL offering. Remember, you are talking about "Marketing" (Product offerings) and "Terms of Use" issues, not technical ones. In particular, the Business DSL has "fewer" restrictions simply because they "charge more."

That I know of, Comcast is the only one in the area who enforces significant restrictions on their "@home" customers when compared to their "@work" customers. They enforce the letter of their Terms of Use agreement. Besides personality problems on behalf of the management people, it takes a LOT of technical effort (i.e. staff) to implement and enforce those kinds of restrictions.

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