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RE: [PLUG] Adding a second HD to a Linux system

Title: RE: [PLUG] Adding a second HD to a Linux system

another option (if you have the second drive cable empty now).
is hook up the new drive as the second drive. Format it, setup
the filesystems, copy over what needs to be copied. If it needs
to be boot drive you will need to add the boot info.

Then just power down, swap drives, make the primary the secondary, powerup
if all went well, you should be OK, if not, swap the drives back, to figure
out the problem.


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>Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2004 9:58 AM
>Subject: RE: [PLUG] Adding a second HD to a Linux system
>Thanks for all the input.  I'm inclined to go with 1 internal drive,
>although the idea about doing a simple 3 drive raid sounds interesting.
>I have a test machine to play with and I'm inclined to give
>that a shot.
>Fortunately the machine is not intended to do machine.  It's most
>critical job is as staging server for our main websites, but even that
>role is going to be diminished soon.  It also will soon take over
>processing log files, but even that isn't too critical.  So in short
>drive failure does not terrify me.  This conversation has made me
>concerned about my other in house Linux machine, so I may play with a
>raid to build experience before I work on the other machine, since
>failure that would be more then a minor headache.
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