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RE: [PLUG] Adding a second HD to a Linux system


>> I bought a great piece (hmm, maybe I should rephase that), on Ebay
>> ($20). It is just a 4 prong power cord
>> to a transformer, and a USB cable that plugs right to the
>Hard drive,
>> no enclosure. It's great for
>> <>testing drives. Just hook up the power and the cable, plug it into
>> the USB port and go...

Just out of curiosity, is there something cropped out the picture? In the
descriptions it says, "Power supply adapter," and in your post transformer,
but it looks almost as though you're plugging the hard drive power directly
into the wall...

This is a great toy for hard drive disaster recovery, as it's USB the OS
doesn't care as much when the failed drive seizes and goes offline. You
power it down, tap it with a hammer or stapler or something, and power it up
again. I just did this last week, and just kept copying over and over the
files which didn't exist yet in the destination until I got everything.

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