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Re: [PLUG] Dedicated loop?

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Tim Wesemann wrote:

> D'oh. I didn't realize your TN was in your sig...
> According to VZ, the phone number in your sig is not a VZ number.
No my phone is 215-355-5307...  The sig is my cell.
> Richboro is lit pretty well with RT's these days so your chances are good
> either way. I'm pretty sure there's one outside of my office at Jacksonville
> and Richard road.
My RT is out in front of the schoolhouse daycare center on 2nd st pike
north of Richboro. I am about 3 blocks north of that location.

And yes the only thing that anyone other than VZ can offer me is IDSL at
least at a reasonable price. Covad, Speakeasy etc. all offer that. BUT I
don't think they could really do it. It would require getting a copper
pair from the Churchville CO which would be 23K feet long and require one
or two repeaters. I don't think anyone would actually do that here. VZ say
they can do ADSL but I have not actually tested that assumptiom. To really
find out I would have to order. Their Bus. DSL static IP is $80/month.
They offer nothing less with static IP.

Are you guys offering any wireless in the area?


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