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RE: [PLUG] palm devices

I have a IIIc with no charger, no manual, no disks, no cable. I do not know
what to do with it other than to find it a home. Free

I beleive it works.  But since I can not charge it I have no way to check

If interested, email me off list.

Andrew Bradley

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Jeff Abrahamson wrote:

>My venerable Palm III may have died in last night's rain.  I clearly
>should have been carrying plastic bags yesterday.
>Anyone have any recommendations for inexpensive devices to replace it?
>I see the palmOne Zire 21 for $100 at Staples.  That's the right price
>point.  I think to run linux on a handheld device I'd need to spend
>over $400, which isn't happening, much as I'd like to run a free OS on
>my PDA.  But all I *really* need is address book, date book, and
>Anyway, any suggestions appreciated.
I know someone selling Tungsten-E (~state of the art) for $135 (if it
didn't sell between last evening and today)...  email me off list if


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