Paul L. Snyder on 29 Sep 2004 20:14:02 -0000

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ALSA problem (was Re: [PLUG] (no subject))


>  I have a new computer with an intel mother board
> with an 865 chip sets.
>  My c programs that have
>     printf(" error\a\n");
>   no longer sound a bell.
>   there is an on board sound card.  I am running
> under 2.6.7. I loaded alsa.  I bought 2 speakers
>  with a usb cable to get power.  
>    How do I get the bell to ring?

Does any other sound work?  Have you run alsamixer or another mixer
and made sure that you are unmuted and the volume is turned up?

Are you running a particular distribution?  Red Hat?  Debian?
Has ALSA been configured to work with USB sound?  The USB speakers
probably won't be using your onboard sound chipset.  You say "to get
power" there a separate cord that runs to your sound card for the
sound signal?  I've never heard of that, but I suppose it's possible.

Under what circumstances has the bell worked previously?


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