William H. Magill on 28 Feb 2005 15:38:40 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] OSX "middleware"?

On 27 Feb, 2005, at 19:35, Carlos Konstanski wrote:

Got that patch for disabling fsck in the HFS filesystem driver.  Looks
pretty basic.  The file is /usr/src/linux/fs/hfsplus/super.c :


Looks like he changed a few messages to the user, and commented out any
place in the code where the sb->s_flags flag gets masked with MS_RDONLY.
My guess is that write functions in the API will not perform a write if
this flag is set. By commenting out all the places where this flag
could get set, he avoids the problem of write functions refusing to

A hack?  Sure, but hopefully its useful lifespan will be short.  All we
need is an fsck.hfsplus program.

? Isn't the OS X version (fsck_hfs) part of Darwin?

There's a version of it in HP-UX and FreeBSD.

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