sean finney on 27 Mar 2005 12:18:31 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Nagios, anyone?

hey steve,

On Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 12:46:13PM -0500, Stephen Gran wrote:
> Are there any Nagios users here?  I am having some conceptual problems

i'm a user, and also the debian package maintainer :)

> Nagios -> remote gateway -> remote machine a -> remote service a
>                          \> remote machine b -> remote service b
> This seems to be correct, and at least works as expected.  In this
> setup, nagios doesn't check service a if machine a is unreachable, and
> doesn't check machine a and b or service a and b if the gateway is down.
> However, the other day we had a problem where bind blew up on the Nagios
> server, making all machines unresolvable, and hence unreachable.  We got
> a million alerts (once bind was restarted and email started working again,
> of course :)

we use hard-coded ip addresses for every monitored host.  if all of your
machines have static addresses, it's definitely worth it to just go
ahead and do that for exactly this reason.  otherwise, you could make
all checks dependent on your check_dns service (which i think is messier
and harder/impossible to easily template), or make your notification_command
check for dns availability before sending out a notification.

> Has anyone done this, and have some idea how to set things up this way?
> It's Nagios 1.3, if that makes any difference.

i've never needed to do this, but one of the two methods above would
probably fit the bill for you.  while you're testing, i'd also suggest
to set enable_notifications to 0 in the main config file, which will
keep your pager silent while you're messing around.


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