Art Clemons on 8 Apr 2005 03:29:15 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] dhcp question

Carl Husa:
Checking on my XP box, iconfig /all looks okay, although the DNS Server lines, which used to show the comcast 68. whatever servers, now has the address of the gateway.

Yes and your Linksys router/firewall is also acting as your DNS and passing off Domain Name requests to the IP addresses given when the Linksys configures its WAN side and learns where to route things via DHCP also. The router is both a server for your local network and a client for Comcast. As long as Comcast's routers are working (not always a sure thing) you will likely find no problem with that setup.

With your Linux boxen, you can easily configure multiple Servers and leave it that way whether you're getting a static address or one via DHCP.
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