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RE: [PLUG] Fwd: Wireless Philadelphia ... RFP available

Title: RE: [PLUG] Fwd: Wireless Philadelphia ... RFP available
part of the requirement is for an uninterrupted 8 hours of service if power is unavailable either by
battery backup or solar panels. Solar panels only function during daylight, so that means solar
panels also have to have batteries (if the power is out, the streetlights won't be on to power the solar cells).
Transmitters take considerable power (you don't see many battery operated routers).
I would love to see phila wireless...but I highly doubt 10 million is going to do it, not based on the RFP.
If each repeater is low powered to make batteries smaller, then you will need much more of them.
I don't know. That RFP sounded like someone was dreaming.
One thing that wasn't in the RFP......A guarantee that it will not impact the cities EMS radio system :)
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I am pretty sure all the antenna’s and repeaters will be on light post correct? I don’t see those consuming too much engery, I think you would see something along the lines of the solar panels along side the turnpike. Except these would be on top of the light post of course and hopefully out of range of most criminals. I assume since the city owns this network they will allow their city employees to use it for free. I foresee a lot of possible applications for wireless handheld devices in the city. Can anyone find any future plans for any such devices/plans?



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