Doug Crompton on 9 Apr 2005 22:54:22 -0000

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It is my understanding that this (HD-3000) card has component video in. I
guess you could decode the HD with your Comcast box and digitize it with
this one. Can you get the audio digital stream from Comcast? Most boxes
have a coax or optical out. I assume this could go into the sound card you
used in the Myth setup. Then to change channels you could drive an IR
transmitter to talk to the comcast box. Not the best way to do it but it
might work. I am hoping I can do something like this with DirectTV.

Things are changing so fast in this market it is hard to keep up. I put
together an MS XP media center PC only to find out it does not support the
ATI All in wonder cards. The HD-3000 is not supported in windows at all.

I have a Samsung box that decodes off air, cable and DirectTV that I am
currently using with my big screen LCD. All of the Philly stations are
broadcasting at least one digital program. Some as many as 5. Channel 12
PBS is the best (what would you expect!) The other channels are sometimes
good and sometimes quite bad. Most only broadcast HD content in prime
time. Audio switching is for crap except on PBS. You can switch digital
audio like analog. Lots of very annoying pops and clicks. Drives my dog
crazy! I have a 3 LNB dish to replace my single LNB one and I will be
going HD with DirectTV as soon as I get out there and get it installed.

There is (was?) also a Freevo project.


On Sat, 9 Apr 2005, Geoff Rivell wrote:

> I hope to get into this as well. I just wish ComCast Digital would work
> with it. Would love to be able to record HBO/ESPN/CSN in HD.

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